Constant Capital’s M&A practice includes some of the most experienced professionals working in Mergers & Acquisitions in Africa. Our partners and professionals have been involved in several substantial mergers and acquisitions both within and outside Nigeria. Our M&A professionals have a solid perspective on how buyers and sellers react in the marketplace, and provide thoughtful representation to our clients at every stage of an M&A transaction.



We have represented strategic and financial buyers who want to expand a subsidiary or platform, and companies seeking to extend geographic reach. We work closely with public corporations, private companies, and private equity groups seeking to acquire companies in Nigeria and the sub-region. Many acquisition candidates are closely held and thus difficult to identify and analyze objectively; however, we maintain extensive networks of industry relationships and utilize information resources that enable us to identify those companies best able to meet the buyer’s specific criteria.

We take a comprehensive, long-term view of our clients’ acquisition initiatives, and focus on generating the best return for the long term (which may include not doing a transaction). Our professionals work with clients to establish a systematic process for the identification and evaluation of strategic acquisition targets that complement their organic growth plans, and make professional presentations to targets at the highest levels. From initial contact, due diligence and valuation, to negotiation, deal structuring, and acquisition financing, Constant Capital implements a customized and comprehensive process intended to generate maximum value for shareholders with minimum distraction for operating managers.



Our Sell-side clients include companies disposing of non-core operations, companies that require assistance in evaluating and negotiating offers from potential acquirers, and shareholders desiring to access liquidity or to diversify their wealth. The Firm brings to its clients the depth and diversity of experience gained in successfully closing numerous transactions across a wide range of industries.

For each selling client, Constant Capital conducts pre-sale due diligence to gain a thorough, perceptive view of a company’s operating performance, and to maximize intrinsic value and future potential, and provide advice on sale versus other alternatives (such as selling a partial interest).

Given the complexities of corporate divestitures, finding the optimal buyer (whether strategic or financial) is the most challenging and critical aspect of divestiture transactions. Constant Capital draws on its extensive network and proprietary investor database to identify and qualify the most suitable strategic and financial buyers in Africa (or around the world), implement a sophisticated campaign to market the client’s businesses to these buyers, and finally represent the client during due diligence, transaction structuring and negotiations.



For some businesses, a strategic alliance or joint venture is the optimal way to increase value. A strategic partnership, separate from mergers and acquisition, offers opportunities to drive value, while sharing the costs and risks with another party. Constant Capital provides clients with comprehensive guidance in the areas of strategy, negotiation, structure, documentation, termination, and other complex joint venture arrangements.