We seek to deliver to our clients – institutional clients including Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Banks and Brokerages, Pensions Funds, Corporations, and Governments- with market insight, risk management and execution in trading securities.

African Fixed Income & Equity Securities

We have deep experience in trading of fixed income securities in Nigeria, Ghana and other West African markets on behalf of domestic and off-shore corporate clients, financial institutions, hedge funds, dealers and other counterparties. Constant Capital is the founding stockbroker of the Seychelles Securities Exchange and we offer a safe and secure trading environment for clients to buy and sell Seychelles-listed stocks.

Global Equities

Constant Capital provides a platform which can buy and sell shares on over 100 markets worldwide. Clients can construct and manage their own portfolio of allow us to manage it for them. Either way, clients are able to diversify their risk and increase their returns over a more common single market strategy.


Constant Capital offers access to a world class online Forex trading platform. We are dedicated to providing innovative trading technology, superior customer service, and reliable streaming liquidity. We provide services to individual and institutional traders, hedge funds, commercial entities, brokerage firms, and money managers around the world. Our trading solutions provide 24-hour Forex trading with competitive pricing, fully automated execution, sales and support in 13 languages, servicing clients in over 200 countries.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's)

Constant Capital, offers clients the opportunity to invest in ETFs listed anywhere in the world. ETFs give clients access to a balanced portfolio of listed shares, with thousands of different focuses, like the Dow Jones, the MSCI World Index, JPI Nikkei 400, to name a few. ETFs have the benefit of being highly tradable and a cost effective manner in which to buy a broad spectrum of shares. A well-managed selection of ETFs can deliver a diversified low risk return to investors. Clients of Constant Capital have the choice of selecting their own ETFs or allowing our skilled fund managers construct a portfolio for them.